Our mission as accountants is to organize and oversee your accounting in an essential way, ensuring the accuracy of the numbers and meeting your information needs with confidence.

Our teams of accountants and certified public accountants are committed to maintaining the consistency and reliability of your accounts, ensuring that no element compromises their integrity. We understand the importance of having reliable accounting data to make informed decisions and ensure the growth of your business.

Our professionals are skilled in regularly preparing your financial statements and annual accounts, in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Whether it’s remotely or at your own premises, we adapt to your preferences to provide personalized and efficient service.

As an accounting firm, we go beyond just bookkeeping. Our experienced Partners are available to provide you with a multitude of business management advice. Whether it’s optimizing your financial structure, tax planning, or cash flow management, we are here to support you in all facets of your business.

We are committed to being your trusted partner, offering you top-quality accounting services and personalized strategic advice.

Related FAQ

  • What services do you offer as an accountant?

    As an accountanting firm, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs in accounting, taxation, legal, financial, and social management. Here are some of our key services: Accounting Management: We handle the regular processing of your financial transactions to keep your accounts up to date. We use advanced tools and technologies to provide modern and efficient accounting, including digitalization of accounting documents and access to secure online platforms. We also prepare your annual accounts, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and notes, in compliance with applicable accounting standards. Tax Management: We prepare and file your tax returns in accordance with current legislation, ensuring we optimize your tax situation beforehand. Legal Management: Upon your approval, we take care of filing your annual accounts with the National Bank of Belgium. We assist you in preparing reports and minutes for your management body and/or general meetings. Our legal department also assists you with all aspects related to your business throughout its life, from its establishment, compliance with its statutes, drafting contracts and agreements, to its sale to a third party. Financial Management: We provide expertise to help you make strategic financial decisions, create budgets, analyze your performance, and implement management tools. We also conduct audits and internal controls to verify the compliance of your financial processes, identify risks, and propose improvement recommendations. Social Management: We assist you in the recruitment of personnel and act as an intermediary with the Social Secretariat, which takes care of the administrative management of payroll, including social declarations and all legal obligations in this area. These services are tailored to your specific needs and are provided by our team of qualified and experienced accountants. We are committed to offering you customized solutions to optimize the financial management of your company and support your growth.

  • What is your expertise in my industry?

    As an expert accountant, we have extensive expertise in a variety of industries. Our goal is to understand the specificities of your industry and provide you with tailored advice and solutions. Here's how we can support you in your industry: In-depth analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your industry to understand trends, specific regulations, and challenges you may face. Sector knowledge: Our team consists of accountants with in-depth knowledge of various sectors, such as business services, IT, commerce, real estate, communication, industry, professions, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, finance, and more. Practical experience: We have worked with numerous clients across different industries, giving us practical experience and a deep understanding of the specific issues in each sector. Adaptability: We recognize that each industry has its unique characteristics, so we tailor our services and advice to meet your specific needs. Network of partners: Thanks to our extensive network of partners and contacts, we can also connect you with specialized experts in your industry if necessary. Whether you are in a cyclical or non-cyclical industry, we are ready to leverage our expertise to provide you with accounting and financial solutions that are tailored to your sector. Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives and thrive in your field.

  • What are the advantages of working with an accountant?

    Working with an accountant offers numerous advantages for your business. Here are some of the key benefits:

    1. Accounting Expertise: By engaging an accountant, you gain access to the knowledge and skills of a qualified professional in the field of accounting. They are trained to handle all financial aspects of your business, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial management advice.
    2. Legal Compliance: An accountant helps ensure that your business complies with legal accounting and tax obligations. They ensure that your tax returns are accurately completed and filed on time, reducing the risk of penalties or costly errors.
    3. Tax Optimization: Accountants are well-versed in current tax regulations and can help you optimize your tax situation. They identify tax deductions and incentives you may be eligible for, saving you money and maximizing profitability.
    4. Financial Management: Accountants can provide in-depth financial analysis and regular reports on your business's financial health. This information helps you make informed decisions on financial management, investments, and strategic planning.
    5. Strategic Advice: In addition to traditional accounting services, accountants can serve as strategic advisors for your business. They can assist in developing business plans, evaluating new opportunities, identifying funding sources, and implementing growth strategies.
    6. Time Savings: Outsourcing accounting management to an expert allows you to focus on your core business and save valuable time. You can delegate complex administrative tasks and fully dedicate yourself to growing your business.
    7. Risk Reduction: Accountants stay up-to-date with ever-changing regulations and can help you avoid compliance risks. Their sound advice helps minimize legal and financial risks for your business.
    Working with an accountant offers your business specialized expertise, time-saving benefits, risk reduction, and informed decision-making to ensure growth and success.

  • How does the collaboration process with your firm work?

    The collaboration process with our firm is designed to be efficient, transparent, and tailored to your specific needs. Here's how it typically works:

    1. Initial contact: During our first meeting, we discuss your needs, objectives, and expectations regarding accounting services. Together, we assess how our firm can assist you and address any questions you may have.
    2. Needs analysis: Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we conduct a brief analysis of your accounting and financial situation. This helps us determine the services you need and the best solutions for your business.
    3. Service proposal: Based on our analysis, we present you with a detailed proposal outlining the services we can offer and the associated fees. We are transparent about our rates and ensure you fully comprehend the scope of our services.
    4. Engagement letter: Upon accepting our proposal, we set up the engagement letter or collaboration contract. This document outlines the terms and conditions of our collaboration, including the specific services we will provide and mutual responsibilities.
    5. Information collection: We guide you in collecting and providing the necessary financial and accounting information for our work. This may include bank statements, invoices, expense receipts, tax returns, etc. We help you organize this information efficiently and securely.
    6. Data processing: Once we receive the required information, our team of expert accountants processes it confidentially and professionally. We use advanced tools and technologies to ensure the accuracy and security of your data.
    7. Analysis and reports: At your request, we can analyze your business's financial data and produce clear, understandable reports. These reports provide you with a detailed view of your financial situation, business performance, and recommendations for improvement.
    8. Advice and follow-up: In addition to periodic reports, we can provide you with strategic advice and recommendations to optimize your finances and enhance your performance. We remain available to answer your questions, assist in decision-making, and help you achieve your objectives.
    9. Regular reviews: We conduct regular reviews of your accounting situation to ensure everything is up-to-date and compliant with relevant regulations. We remain vigilant and responsive to anticipate changes and keep you informed of new opportunities or obligations.
    Our goal is to deliver high-quality, personalized service focused on the success of your business. We are committed to building a trusting relationship with you, being attentive to your needs, and supporting you throughout our collaboration.

  • What are your fees and how are they calculated?

    Our fees are tailored based on the specific needs of each client and the accounting and financial services requested. The fees are generally calculated taking into account several factors, such as:

    1. Complexity of your needs: Accounting services can vary based on the size of your business, the nature of your activities, and the specific legal requirements in your industry. Higher complexity may result in adjusted fees accordingly.
    2. Volume of work: The time and resources required to handle your financial data and provide the requested services can influence the rates. This may include bookkeeping, tax return preparation, audits, etc.
    3. Frequency of services: If you require regular and recurring services, such as monthly bookkeeping or quarterly reviews, this can be taken into account in the pricing.
    4. Additional services: If you need supplementary services, such as financial management advice, payroll services, or tax planning advice, these may be considered in establishing the rates.
    5. Size of your business: Fees can also vary depending on the size of your business, whether it is a small enterprise, SME, or large corporation. The needs and requirements may differ based on your organization's structure.
    It is essential to note that our fee structure is transparent and discussed in detail with you during our initial discussions. We provide a personalized proposal outlining the included services and associated costs. We strive to maintain a balance between the quality of services provided, competitive rates, and the value we bring to your business.

  • How can I access my accounting documents online?

    We have set up a secure online platform that allows you easy access to your accounting documents at any time. Here's how you can access it: Account Creation: We create a personalized user account for you on our online platform. You will receive confidential login credentials to access your account. Platform Login: You can log in to the platform using your login credentials. The login process is secure and protected to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Access to Your Accounting Documents: Once logged in, you will have access to a user-friendly interface where you can view and download your accounting documents. This includes invoices, bank statements, tax returns, financial reports, and other important documents. Organization and Categorization: Your accounting documents will be organized in a clear and structured manner on the platform. You can easily find them using filters, categories, or relevant keywords. Real-Time Tracking: The online platform is continuously updated, allowing you to track the progress of your accounting documents in real-time. You no longer have to wait for paper reports or email deliveries. Communication and Exchanges: The platform also provides the option for direct communication with our team. You can ask questions, seek clarifications, or share additional information through an integrated messaging system. We understand the importance of easy and timely access to your accounting documents. Our online platform offers you the convenience and security needed to efficiently manage your accounting.

  • What are the skills and qualifications of your team of accountancy experts?

    Our team of accountancy experts possesses a strong set of skills and qualifications to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Here is some information about the qualifications and skills of our team: Accounting and Financial Expertise: Our accountancy experts are highly qualified in the field of accounting and finance. They have a strong understanding of accounting principles, tax regulations, and financial laws. Their expertise enables them to conduct in-depth analysis of your financial data, produce accurate reports, and provide informed advice to optimize your financial situation. Training and Certifications: Our team consists of professionals who have undergone specialized training and hold certifications in the field of accountancy. Some of them are members of ITAA and continue to update their knowledge to stay abreast of industry developments. Sector-Specific Experience: We have extensive experience across various industry sectors, enabling us to understand the unique characteristics and challenges of each domain. Our team can provide tailored expertise to meet the specific requirements of your industry. Financial Management Skills: In addition to their accounting expertise, our accountancy experts possess financial management skills. They can help you analyze your financial performance, develop growth strategies, manage your cash flow, and make informed investment decisions. Technological Competence: We stay at the forefront of technology and utilize cutting-edge tools and software to streamline our accounting processes and deliver efficient solutions to our clients. Our team is proficient in using the latest accounting software and financial management tools. Client-Focused Approach: We are committed to providing exceptional client service. Our team is proactive, accessible, and attentive to your needs. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and provide personalized and relevant advice. With this array of skills and qualifications, our team of accountancy experts is equipped to offer you high-quality service tailored to your specific requirements. We are ready to apply our expertise to assist you in achieving your financial goals and ensuring the success of your business.

  • How can I migrate my financial data from another firm to yours?

    If you wish to migrate your financial data from another firm to ours, we streamline the process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition. Here's how we proceed: Initial Assessment: We begin by conducting an initial assessment of your needs and the nature of the data to be migrated. This helps us understand the complexity of the process and determine the necessary steps for a successful migration. Planning and Coordination: Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, our team works closely with you to plan and coordinate the migration. We establish a realistic timeline and agree on deadlines for each step of the process. Data Collection: We guide you in collecting all relevant financial data from your previous firm. This may include information on transactions, account balances, financial statements, tax returns, etc. We ensure that all data is complete and up-to-date. Data Analysis and Conversion: After the data is collected, our team analyzes and converts it into a format compatible with our system. We ensure that all data is properly integrated and that nothing is lost during the migration. Verification and Validation: Following the data conversion, we conduct thorough verification to ensure its accuracy and consistency. We perform tests to ensure that all information is correctly transferred and that calculations are precise. Training and Support: Once the migration is complete, we provide you with training on our system and assist you in familiarizing yourself with the use of your new financial data. We are also available to answer any questions and provide ongoing support throughout the process. We understand the importance of your financial data, and we make every effort to ensure a smooth, secure, and uninterrupted migration of your information. Our goal is to facilitate this transition, allowing you to fully benefit from our expertise and services.

  • How does communication with your firm take place (meetings, calls, emails)?

    We place great importance on communication with our clients. We understand that regular and transparent communication is essential for building a strong and productive relationship. Here's how communication with our firm takes place: Regular Meetings: We schedule periodic meetings, either in person or virtually, to discuss the status of your affairs, progress made, and upcoming steps. These meetings can be arranged according to your convenience, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or other agreed-upon schedule. Phone Calls: We are available for phone calls to address your questions, resolve issues, and discuss any urgent or important matters. Our team is here to provide clear answers and sound advice. Emails: You can reach out to us via email at any time to share information, send documents, or ask questions. We commit to responding to your emails promptly and providing you with the information you need. Online Platform: We provide a secure online platform where you can access your financial documents, exchange messages, and collaborate with our team. This facilitates communication and gives you convenient access to your financial information at any time. Flexibility: We understand that each client has different communication preferences. We adapt to your needs and can use other communication channels such as video conferencing or instant messaging, depending on what suits you best. Our goal is to offer smooth, responsive, and personalized communication. We listen to your needs and strive to maintain open and transparent communication throughout our collaboration. Feel free to share your communication preferences with us so that we can accommodate them and provide you with the best experience possible.

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